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Halloween 2013 – 10 Scary Movies you can stream for Free (or little money)

Halloween, 2013: It’s 8pm, 60 degrees, and raining here in Northeast Ohio. Around here Trick-or-Treat primarily happened last Saturday. Although there is no one out, it oddly feels more like Halloween than any I can remember in recent years. Part of that might be because I dressed up and handed out candy this past weekend. Mostly I think because it’s so quiet and dark outside, with only the wind and rain coming out to celebrate the holiday.

With that in mind I’ve been wanting to watch a spooky movie tonight and realized that I’ve actually seen some really great ones over the past few years that a lot of people don’t know about. I thought I’d organize some of them here for you. All of them are currently streaming through Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Amazon Instant Video (for $1.99) so if you’re like me, rained in, and feeling the Halloween Spirit of 2013, here are some recommendations for you:


#1) Mulberry Street ($1.99 rental on Amazon Instant Video)
I wanted to post the trailer for each movie I was going to recommend, but I’m starting off with this one and.. I just can’t. The trailer is so bad it’s not worth your time and it also gives you no idea of what you’d be in for watching this movie. So, fuck the trailer.

What I can say is this: This is one of those movies that you stumble across and after you’re done watching it, you can’t believe how good it was.  This is a low-budget movie about a virus, spread by rats, that basically turns people into mutant zombies and fucks all of Manhattan in the process. Moreso, it’s a character flick centered around a handful of tenants in an apartment building dealing with impossible odds and caring. The trailer might not be worth your time but Mulberry Street is definitely worth the $1.99 rental fee.

#2) Let the Right One In (Free on Netflix)

This trailer isn’t the best either but this is another film that’s high on my list. It’s a Swedish film about vampires, primarily vampire children and how they relate to each other, their situations, and what it means to want things you should not want. Doesn’t sound like your cup of tea? Mine neither but this movie was awesome. Awesome enough to spin off an American remake (also available on Netflix) but fuck that piece of shit.

But Greg, vampires are played out!

Shut it!

Vampire movies/stories move like this: We all know the legend. The only interesting things about it are avenues left unexplored or slants on it through time. It’s what makes Nosferatu, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Interview with a Vampire, Lost Souls, and I am Legend (the book) stand out from the rest. The original film version of Let the Right One In stands on equal ground with these and is recommended.

#3) The House of the Devil (Free on Netflix)

Another movie that I just stumbled upon but it’s worth it’s weight in characters alone. Can you tell what types of movies I like yet? 😉 Anyways, the first 3rd or more of this movie is focused around this college girl who finds and apartment and needs to make money. She does so by applying for a babysitting job that is not what it seems like. Each section of the movie builds and ramps off of the previous and what you end up with is something that is both a throwback to 80’s horror and something that becomes equally hard to watch as time moves on.


#4) AntiChrist (Free on Netflix)

Full disclosure: I’m a gigantic Lars Von Trier fan. I’ve watched every movie/TV show he’s ever made and he brings his own cinematic voice to the silver screen. If you don’t know who he is, think about sort of a Danish version of David Lynch. He’s not trying to be David Lynch, but he has his own style/artistic integrity that he brings to everything he does. This is your art house recommended film on this list. Von Trier is both always and never a horror film director. This movie is fucked up and frightening and sure to linger with you, but definitely not for everyone.

#5) Funny Games (Free on Netflix)

This one.. this one is something different. An Austrian film from 1997 that spurned an American remake in 2007, you should definitely treat yourself to the original. Violent, sadistic, and horrifying in ways that 99% of horror movies aren’t this one is going to make you squirm and wonder at the horrors that humanity possesses. This is a mean, strange film to watch.. so buckle in. There will be no enjoying this ride.

#6) Cabin in the Woods (Free on Netflix)

Brought to you by Joss Whedon, who rarely disappoints, this is the ultimate homage to horror films. If you love horror movies and haven’t seen this yet, stop here. Not really scary and can be fun for everyone but probably only plays to people who are familiar with horror as a genre over time.


#7) Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (Free on Netflix)

Not every Halloween movie has to be scary. Some of the best horror films over time have just been campy fun. This movie knows full well what it’s stance is and it’s a short and fun horror movie trip. You’ll laugh more than you’ll jump and you’ll enjoy just about every second of it. Stars Alan Tudyk from Firefly/Serenity and if you want nothing else than to watch more from him.. this will do you just fine.
#8) Double Feature: Hellraiser & Hellbound: Hellraiser II (Free on Netflix)

Bar none, the original Hellraiser movie/book are probably the most disturbing, lingering, most horrific things ever to manifest in modern cinema. I know this might classify itself as an oldie-but-goodie, but if you haven’t watched this recently.. do so now. The original kept me horrified and awake for 3 days straight. The sequel picks up right where the original left off but feels like it was directed by a demented version of Tim Burton. I recently read the original novel again and it still chilled me to the bone.

While these movies can often be thrown into the 80’s genre of horror, there is actually much more here than that. I keep this up there with the Shining in my horror movie list of OMG/WTF?


#9) Trick ‘r Treat ($1.99 rental on Amazon Instant Video)

This is the only film on the list that I haven’t seen yet. In fact, this is what I watch tonight as soon as I’m done with this blog post. Released in 2009, it instantly became a cult classic. I’m hoping it lives up to it’s reputation and trailer. Looks like fun!

#10) Ginger Snaps (Free with Amazon Prime)

Not enough werewolf movies on this list? This is the first movie in a trilogy (pt 2 is worth watching, pt 3 is shit) and although it came out several years before Twilight, I heard of this movie being advertised as the Werewolf version of Twilight. Far from it. Although based around 2 teenage girls this is a highly enjoyable, creepy, werewolf tale. It’s far darker and more character driven than you would imagine. Well worth checking out.

Bonus Movie!!
House on Haunted Hill (Free on Netflix)

Despite the goofy trailer, this movie knows how to bring the suspense. While most horror aficionados don’t even start thinking about the genre until the 1970’s this film shows that back in 1959, they knew what they were doing. Ever wondered why Vincent Price is still a recognized name in spooky horror? Look no further than this gem.

While this is not my ultimate horror movie list, these are all solid watches and being that it’s Halloween in 2013 and they are all currently available to stream right now for little or no money, I think I at least have you covered for the night.