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Day 14 of 365

There are somethings that you just have to take your time with.

A couple of weeks ago I got notice from my good friend Marc Moss that he was going to be sending me a piece of his artwork from his new series Leaving and the Left

This is my favorite series of art that he has produced over the years and has also, I feel, been his most personal. On top of the surprise notice that he was going to be sending me a piece from his personal collection I then learned that it was one of the favorites and most personal from this series. I can’t tell you how touched that made me feel.

It’s very rare when someone offers themselves a completely personal and unadultered look at themselves. Rarer still that they give it to you as a form of expression that you can take with you through your journeys through this life. I was floored and have been babbling incessantly for weeks to everyone I know in anticipation of this great gift.

Today I worked from home, just to make sure that it was delivered on time and properly handled as it is quite fragile – a work of paper, metal and glass shipped across country. But the package didn’t come. FedEx said they left it on my porch today at 11am but they didn’t. I also received 3 packages from UPS, 1 other FedEx package, my mail, and let the lady in to read the gas. I was diligently alert at my doorstep today but of all the seemably unimportant packages I got, my most precious was not among them.

Marc and I conversed back and forth on Twitter discussing this and both of us called into FedEx who assured me that the package had been left at my door but ‘they’d check with the driver’ and I should hear back within 24hrs. Crap!!!

I walked up and down my entire block checking all my neighbors porches thinking perhaps the FedEx guy got the address wrong, but no dice.

Then at about 4:30pm I get a call on my phone. Some lady 2-3 blocks down had received my package and looked me up on the internet to track me down so that I would have it. I rushed down to her house, thanked her profusely and came home for the time consuming and careful unwrapping that you see here.

Thank you so much Marc. It wrenches my heart and fills me with joy to have this.

For an explanation of this series and the man behind it.. check out Marc’s YouTube video on his purpose and pathos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdWSZHIQco0

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